Virtual Assistants

Experience the power of your own personal guide…

If your business model requires a more individualized approach, we can create a virtual assistant to fully customize your sales and/or customer service process. This is a valuable asset to companies interested in expanding into the realm of conversational commerce. Features such as a chatbot can enhance sales by promoting your company with a positive image of accessibility. Aiconex  utilizes the latest NLP and AI technology to pinpoint more exact sales strategies and give your clients continuous access to the help they need when they need it. 

Market Research

Narrow the perspective of your target audience…

Our market expertise can offer you the key information necessary to diagnose demand and optimize business practices for long term growth. Working within the parameters of current market trends is an effective strategy for gaining an edge in today’s intelligent business environment. We can help you identify and analyze market size, needs, and competition in determining your overall business plan. Techniques such as customer surveys and SWOT analysis are employed to gain a more intuitive understanding of your customer base and company profile.

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