Aiconex Solutions has your back, so you can strengthen customer relations and deliver your best service and product.

Hot prospects by phone, appointment, or Lead gen

A hot lead is nothing more than a cold lead pre-qualified. Do you lack the resources to grind through tens of thousands of cold leads? Does the idea of building lists for successful email campaigns seem daunting?

Aiconex is your solution for lead mining, pre-qualifying leads, and building your email drip campaign.

 Whether you want appointments set for your salesforce, lead generation, or hot live prospects ringing your phone we can fine-tune the exact process to integrate with your company’s sales process.

Lead conversion with a CRM that delivers revenue

Every sales organization knows the saying “The Fortune is in the Follow-up!” CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is so much more than a database of sorted prospects. It’s a systematic automated process to keep leads warm and generate enough interest to close the deal.

Fact is, it isn’t just the leads you want, but the conversions as well.  Learning how to build a sales funnel requires an enormous amount of time, and implementing a sales pipeline is a long process that demands a lot of knowledge and experience. To assist you in removing this arduous process, AIconex has partnered with HubSpot, and together with our time-tested lead-generation process, we aim to help you build a pipeline of capital funding for years to come.


Growth capital from bridge loans to private equity

We help businesses prepare to meet their investor funding requirements by creating investor pipelines. Once your business develops a pipeline of sophisticated investors your ability to plan for the present and future capital demands becomes manageable. Let the AIconex Solutions Team help your business prepare and meet your investment goals.

We do not provide capital or loans. What we do is provide introductions and systems that create investor pipelines for capital requirements.  Whether you are looking for expansion capital, bridge loans, or equity investors we are the right choice.

Recruit, train and build hassle-free departments

As your company grows additional staff or departments are needed. Having the resources to scale quickly and effectively is costly and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be great to delegate the entire process and save money simultaneously? 

We recruit, train, and onboard employees with significant cost savings.

Our cloud-based management tracking system allows real-time monitoring of the process to ensure quality and peace of mind.

Smart performance reporting using AI to unlock your KPI’s

Managing your business comes down to identifying, tracking, and quantifying the processes and activities for your company. Once the data is collected and organized you analyze the results and create solutions for underperformance and identify positive results. Reviewing and trying to customize a software package off the shelf is time-consuming and frustrating. Let Aiconex do the grunt work

SME’s use of Google products for their business management solutions is well known. Knowing how to model your business metrics with Google products is just one of our advanced skills. We can take that model and build your custom business management tool.

Aiconex delivers for the following Industries

Real Estate

The real estate business requires enormous attention to detail. Let our Virtual Assistants manage your details, so your time is spent serving your customer needs. Whether you need a transaction coordinator, Appointment setters to contact previously interested prospects and expired listings or you need constant social updates and listing changes. Aiconex can provide the perfect dedicated VA.

Medical Field

The medical field continually evolves. Aiconex can grow with you. Don’t think Virtual Assistants but think Virtual Teams. Departments should not ask for information or details. Information should be available and actionable “on demand” by the department. We can deliver a back office using powerful Google docs and transfer into an utterly proprietary system unique to your needs.

Travel Industry

The Travel Industry has many unique challenges from various time zones to socially influenced geographical areas. Aiconex is that global solution to the travel industry. We can support your research for travel trends and provide customer surveys of your existing client database to plan their future vacation needs. Aiconex is a global solution.

Entertainment & Sports

Entertainment and sports are high on everyone’s list for exciting breaks from high paced work demands of everyday life. Your budget may not include the James LeBron brand and image engagement for a massive following. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the same strategy. Aiconex can deliver event-driven marketing campaigns by email and social media.

Insurance and Financial Services

Complex algorithms continually alter the Insurance and financial product offerings for late-breaking trends. Being able to maintain rapport and reconnect with previous customers is an ongoing technical challenge. Aiconex can manage your data for results-driven customer development. You earned their trust now deliver the latest offers.


Manufacturing your products is an internal looking complex highly integrated process. Predicting future demand is an external looking proposition to garner existing customer demands and locate prospective suppliers. Use Aiconex to maintain forward-looking vision while you keep your focus on delivering a quality product.

How does Aiconex deliver all this value at affordable pricing?

We are an American owned and managed company headquartered in Henderson Nevada. We spent seven years cultivating and learning the more delicate details to maintain and operate in southeast Asia. Our wholly owned subsidiary is located in Dumaguete Philippines.

The fiber optic backbone runs directly through Dumaguete city, located on Negros Island. Dumaguete is home of seven premier technical colleges. Dumaguete city gives us a competitive advantage with quality outsourcing and no compromise for specialized needs. We boast a 4,000 square foot state of the art contact center to deliver all the support your business needs.