Sales Funnel, Investment Capital, and Admin Services are an essential recipe for business success.

AIconex Solutions has the secret sauce!

Sales funnels are not magic

It’s old fashioned know-how and experience to take the right technology platforms and make them work like a symphony. Understanding how to identify your ICP (ideal customer profile) is the gateway to success.

Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross is the proven solution used by AIconex.


Social Media the New Normal

Social media is essential but knowing how to identify your offer in the smallest tightest niche market is what gets the greatest value on your cost per acquisition. Focus your efforts on the right target market. is the go-to consultancy company used by AIconex.

CRM and lead conversion is timing

Every sales organization knows “The Fortune is in the Follow-up!” CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is so much more than a database of sorted prospects. It’s a systematic automated process to warm leads and generate interest to close the deal.

AIconex is HubSpot certified with the worldwide top-rated CRM.

Accounting and Data-Driven Analytics

Compliance accounting isn’t enough. We not only provide full process accounting but make available analysis reporting to move the needles in all the right directions for your business growth. Data analytics provides indicators for higher gross margins by either increased revenues or cost-cutting processes. 

AIconex uses cloud-based financial services to put solutions at your fingertips.


Private equity investment capital

We help businesses prepare to meet their investor funding with our proprietary investor pipelines and custom investor fit for your capital needs. Once your business develops a pipeline of sophisticated investors your ability to plan for your present and future capital demands becomes manageable.

AIconex Solutions Team will help your business meet your investment goals.

AIconex “Fund Raise Marketing” works in the following industries.

Disruptive Technology

Technology is everywhere and investors are constantly looking for the next disruptive trend. It includes companies involved in research, creation, and distribution of everything from software, to computers, to smart devices, and includes trends like AI, blockchain, the cloud & internet, self-driving cars, SAAS, Cybersecurity, GEO tracking, and streaming services to name a few.  Technology changes quickly and returns vary in this dynamic arena, which offered the highest returns of any sector in 2017. It is not without risk and includes investment opportunities in companies both large and small.  Whether a new developing brand or a mature giant like Microsoft, they all must innovate to survive.

Media & Entertainment

Some of the most exciting discussions between investors and entrepreneurs today involve the evolution of social media and what the next generation of transformational entertainment platforms will look like. The future of the entertainment industry will be influenced by corporate mega-mergers and the political implications of FCC regulations.  Driven by technology, the underlying forces are the advances in artificial intelligence and computing power, which are resulting in the merging of gaming and storytelling into new interactive media. Social Media has become its own industry of entertainment with huge advertising opportunities and much discussion around social responsibility. All of this translates into large scale revenues.


The financial sector is one of the largest portions of the S&P 500 and a key indicator of a strong economy.  It comprises a wide range of industries that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers; including banks, investment funds, insurance companies, and real estate firms.  Most of its revenues are generated from loans and mortgages which thrive during low-interest-rates, as economic conditions open up the doors for more capital projects and investment.  Both Main Street and Wall Street rely on brokers, financial institutions, money markets, REITs, and many other services that keep the economy stable. 

Real Estate

Historically one of the most conservative and low-volatility assets, Real Estate can enhance the risk-return profile of a portfolio.  Considered a “safe harbor” investment, it has achieved a new-found appeal due to the low cost of capital and new ways to use self-directed IRAs for tax-mitigated investing. Diversification and protection are key benefits of direct real estate investing due to the sector’s low correlation with other asset classes – meaning when stocks are down, real estate is often up.  Many investors who value hedging inflation and the power of leverage have decided to partner with developers in Joint Ventures to provide increased liquidity and passive income.


Energy fuels our lives; heating and lighting our homes, fueling our drive to work, and more.  We require many types of energy including oil and gas, nuclear reactors use uranium to make electricity, and renewable sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power are also gaining momentum. Because energy is necessary for every aspect of modern life, many investors have “seen the light”. Opportunities are varied, with companies participating in exploration, refinement, transportation, technology, and innovation. Seasoned investors have historically won big with Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy has an eco-friendly contribution with many long term investment returns as well as tax benefits.

Mining & Precious Metals

While mining is steeped in old-world mystery, there is much more to precious metal investing than coins and bullion. The industry is on the rise, fueled by the fast-paced growth of technology and the manufacturing of computers, electronics, catalytic converters, and batteries, which rely on gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and lesser-known metals.  Investors enter the market with equity stakes in companies involved in all aspects of the industry including the mining process, innovative technologies, exploration, refining, and manufacturing. Precious metals are a portfolio diversifier; carrying intrinsic value, inflationary protection, and are sought as “upheaval insurance” against political unrest.