Sales Funnel, Investment Capital, and Back-office Services are an essential recipe for business success.

AIconex Solutions has the secret sauce!

Sales funnels are not magic

It’s old fashioned know-how and experience to take the right technology platforms and make them work like a symphony. Understanding how to identify your ICP (ideal customer profile) is the gateway to success.

Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross is the proven solution used by AIconex.


Mass marketing is on life support

Social media is essential but knowing how to identify your offer in the smallest tightest niche market is what gets the greatest value on your cost per acquisition. Focus your efforts on the right target market. is the go-to consultancy company used by AIconex.

CRM and lead conversion is timing

Every sales organization knows “The Fortune is in the Follow-up!” CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is so much more than a database of sorted prospects. It’s a systematic automated process to warm leads and generate interest to close the deal.

AIconex is HubSpot certified with the worldwide top-rated CRM.


Private equity investment capital

We help businesses prepare to meet their investor funding with our proprietary investor pipelines and custom investor fit for your capital needs. Once your business develops a pipeline of sophisticated investors your ability to plan for your present and future capital demands becomes manageable.

AIconex Solutions Team will help your business meet your investment goals.

AIconex “Fund Raise Marketing” works in the following industries.

Disruptive Technology

In recent years Technology offers have generated massive wealth and most investors are looking for the next disruptive trend. Whether your business is into software, cryptocurrencies, or Geo tracking platforms. We have investors looking for start-up companies to invest in.

Media & Entertainment

Social Media has become its own industry of entertainment with huge advertising opportunities. This translates into large scale revenues. Investing in movies or movie funds has grown substantially with no end in sight. Netflix alone has become its own source for entertainment content.


Mortgage Banking offers stable returns in a growing Real Estate market. If you offer lower risk and passive income we have investors looking for your offer.

Real Estate

The population continues to increase so the demand for residential and commercial Real Estate Development grows with it.


Many long term investors have invested in Oil and Gas with a variety of tranches within that market. Renewable Energy has a feel-good contribution to the earth with many long term investment returns with tax benefits. So many good offers in a wide range of offers including tax benefits, stable returns, or shared revenue with high returns. Investors in solar, wind farms, and many new technologies to emerge are waiting to hear what advantages your company has and how it can translate into profits. Whether your company is fracking, in exploration, refinement, or transportation the investor you are looking for is at our fingertips.

Mining & Precious Metals

Precious Metals and Rare Earth mining is fueled by the fast-paced growth of the computer and networking marketplace. Growing demand in mining operations, rare earth metals, and refinement. Asset holdings provide the future values, investors, looking for with your offer.