Peter Jorgenson - CEO

Peter is the Chief Executive Officer, visionary, and primary decision-maker behind AIconex Solutions, Inc. He is a 38-year veteran entrepreneur with an extensive background in start-ups and operational excellence. Peter is a dynamic and results-oriented leader who drives his team’s customer experience strategies to success, with responsibility for AIconex’s overall operational delivery, and client relationship management. Peter’s expertise includes Sales and Marketing Leadership and Performance Management.

Thomas Barrett

Chief Financial Officer

Tom has decades of experience in chief financial roles and accounting as a licensed CPA, CMA, CFA, and CFP. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, budget and forecasting, financial analysis and modeling, risk management, and the investment world of family offices.

James Hooker

Chief Strategy Officer

James possesses a winning combination of solid technical skills and robust business sense. He analyzes all business and technical processes, especially where productivity or efficiency can be improved. He designs solutions, implements and maximizes them.

Aaron Werner

Chief Technology Officer

Aaron leads all technology strategies for AIconex. He has been an innovator of enterprise technology for 20+ years, leading projects including predictive targeting, Bitcoin arbitrage, lead generation, international gaming, and automated loan origination, to name a few.

Nicole Rodekuhr

Chief Marketing Officer

Nicole is the Chief Marketing Officer and branding guru of AIconex. She manages content creation and is the gatekeeper of the customer experience. Nicole's areas of expertise include: Marketing, Creative Writing, Project Management, and Succession Planning.

Thomas Moore

Chief Counsel

Thomas is a 30-year litigator with a wide range of practice areas, which include, but are not limited to intellectual properties, labor arbitration, and appellate practice. He does a superb job of advising the company on legal and regulatory areas, and contract management.

James Nybeck

Chief Corporate Officer

James manages all company and government interface scenarios, bringing his extensive management experience as an engineer in the 5-G technology sector. His desire for proficiency, hands-on approach, and versatility makes him a valuable asset to the team.

James E.

Corporate Technology Director

James oversees all technological implementation for the company. He also writes code as required for operational needs. James turns his passion for innovation into measurable results, leading a talented group of remote developers in Ukraine, Kenya, and beyond.

April Bolanga

Site Director

April manages all key department heads and oversees the entire on-site operations in the Philippines. She verifies, analyzes, and resolves significant problems as they arise. April is an essential component to daily operations, utilizing her quick wit and sharp mind.

Alma Sindiong

Executive Assistant to CEO

Alma manages calendars, meetings, communications, workflows, and travel arrangements. She also discreetly manages high-level confidential communications. She handles clerical tasks and prioritizes correspondences, allowing the CEO to be a more effective leader.

Jeremiah Yap

Human Resources Manager

Jeremy enhances the organization by planning and implementing all human resources policies, programs, and practices. He maintains the work structure by updating job requirements and descriptions, as well as monitoring employee relations and morale.

Claire Gutib

Admin and Quality Manager

Claire performs all necessary activities to maintain a high productivity culture. She sets goals and objectives, maintains employee records, and works with Human Resources to ensure staff optimization and to facilitate effective communication around the organization.

Mae Ann Ordeniza

Assistant Finance Officer

A typical day for Mae Ann includes handling and recording all the company’s finances accurately. Mae Ann also accurately records payroll, company income, and expenses for management oversight, as well as for accounting and tax purposes.

Adriel Felton

Sales and Marketing Manager

Adriel makes it a point to maintain positive vibes each time he walks onto the operations floor. He manages, motivates, and grows the sales force to maximize profitability, regularly monitoring the campaign management system to analyze productivity and drive results.

Khirvy Adraneda

Account Executive

Khirvy is the main point of contact for all prospective and existing clients. He analyses prospects for a good fit, describes AIconex's services and arranges meetings with our CEO. He also monitors client relations, adeptly advocating for their needs.

James Vergara

Marketing Manager

JV audits leads submitted by our ideal customer profile analysts to ensure they meet all qualifying criteria and coaches agents for compliance. You can often spot JV contacting leads on LinkedIn, scheduling appointments, and inputting data into our HubSpot CRM.

Angelina Cabag

Shift Manager

Angelina oversees all night shift employees and ensures that the operation runs smoothly. She implements needed changes to ensure the teams deliver expectations. Angelina analyzes performance, develops the team, and motivates to maximize productivity.

An-An Pomario

Floor Supervisor

An-An demonstrates strong leadership and supervisory skills to maintain accurate workflow and a positive environment for her team’s transactions. She also develops marketing strategies, assists staff, and provides training to ensure her team's success.

Maricar Aguas

Security Officer

Maricar has an important role, as her title denotes. She monitors workstations within our operations centre and ensures that all staff are following company policies, particularly ensuring the correct use of IT equipment. Her experience has been in the BPO industry.

Jerome Panal

Dialer and Leads Manager

Jerome manages users and ensures appropriate access levels. He sets up new campaigns, identifying and allocating the best data for the agents to dial. He also monitors the Dialer to ensure a smooth operation and resolves any issues as they arise.

Francis Doit

IT & Facility Manager

Francis manages all technical issues for smooth operation of IT infrastructure, as well as installation and maintenance of all hardware and software. He proactively identifies potential issues and implements changes to ensure the stability of operations and network security.

Fernan Laspinas

Quality Analyst

Fernan is responsible for auditing agents’ sales call recordings against quality guidelines for each campaign. He evaluates results and coaches agents to help remedy any deficiencies. Fernan also randomly monitors real time calls to ensure call quality.

Trixie Engreso

Administrative Assistant

Trixie is responsible for collating agents’ attendance and performance data from multiple sources. She completes value-added processing, inputting data into our reporting system for analysis. Trixie also provides as-needed administrative support to all departments.

Adrian Gari

Systems Specialist

Adrian's role at AIconex is to support the CSO in the implementation and configuration of our many platforms and systems. He also researches new technical solutions and assists employee onboarding. His background is in IT Hardware and BPO Systems Support.

Allan Joaquin

Content Writer

Allan researches industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews and studies), writing clear marketing copy to promote our products/services on our websites, blogs and other mediums.

Christian Sunga

Graphic Designer

Christian designs visual components to convey messages in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner. He collaborates to help create web pages, brochures, pitch decks, signs, advertisements, and other communication materials.

Liel Japson

Video Editor

Liel creates graphics, animations, and special effects, as well as editing photos, audio, and video. He is in charge of materials for our brands as well as client campaigns including producing webinars and testimonial videos.

The team goofing for the camera after a training session

We are grateful for our dynamic team. They work hard to serve our clients every day. The Philippines is the fifth-largest English-speaking country in the world, with English considered as the country’s preferred language for business and commerce.