Peter Jorgenson - CEO

Peter is the Chief Executive Officer and the visionary behind AIconex Solutions LLC. He is a 38-year veteran entrepreneur with an extensive background in start-ups and operational excellence. Peter is a dynamic and results-oriented leader who drives his team’s customer experience strategies to success. He is the primary decision-maker, with responsibility for AIconex’s overall operational delivery, client relationship management, and strategic direction. Peter’s expertise includes Sales and Marketing Leadership and Performance Management.

If you need someone to deliver under pressure and provide results with no slip-ups, then Peter Jorgenson is your go-to person.

Thomas Moore

Chief Counsel

Thomas is a 30-year litigator with a wide range of practice areas, which includes, but not limited to, intellectual properties, labor arbitration, and appellate practice. He does a superb job of advising the company on any major legal and regulatory issues. Thomas is known around his circles as an extraordinary person with an exceptional skill set.

James Nybeck

U.S. General Manager

As the General Manager, James manages all U.S. company and government interface scenarios. His desire for proficiency, hands-on approach, and powerful personality make him a valuable asset to the team. James’ unique expertise in managing any issues has won him the respect of the entire organization.

Scott Underhill

Chief Technology Officer

Scott makes the executive decisions about all the technology interests of AIconex. He outlines the company’s technical vision, implements strategies, and ensures that the technical resources are aligned with AIconex’s business needs. Scott is an effective communicator and a strategic thinker. He will continue to play a vital role in the company’s future success.

James E.

Lead Developer

James is a visionary who oversees the technological implementation for the company. He also writes code as required for operational needs. James turns his passion for innovative technology into measurable results and sets the direction for future technology development at AIconex.

James Hooker

Systems Analyst

An innovative employee you can trust, James possesses a winning combination of solid technical skills and robust business sense. He is responsible for observing and analyzing business and technical processes in all areas of the company, especially where productivity or efficiency can be improved. He designs solutions, implements them, and ensures they are kept in place

April Bolanga

Site Director

April is an essential part of the organization who contributes significantly to its success. She manages all key department heads and oversees the entire on-site operation. She verifies, analyzes, and decides on how to resolve significant problems in the company. April impresses everyone with her quick wit and sharp mind.

Mae Ordeniza

Assistant Finance Officer and Accounting Clerk

A typical day for Mae Ann includes handling and recording all the company’s finances effectively. She does calculations and processes payroll. Part of her role is computing and remitting employee and employer contributions for government schemes. Mae Ann also accurately records company income and expenses for management oversight, as well as for accounting and tax purposes.

Mitchie Roberts

Compliance Officer/Operations and Procedures Officer

An efficient Compliance Officer, Mitchie develops and documents all company policies. She keeps abreast of government policies and legislation, then advises on required changes for the company’s compliance. Also, Mitchie prepares the important documents to complete business and corporate registration requirements. She resolves cases and disputes that are under her scope.

Claire Cabag

Workforce Manager

As the company’s Workforce Manager, Claire performs all the necessary activities to maintain high productivity in all employees. She sets goals and objectives, maintains employee records, works with the Human Resources Department to ensure staff optimization, and facilitates effective communication around the organization. Claire provides an invaluable service to the company.

Karl Aboy

Recruitment Manager

“We don’t just give you a job; we give you a career!” is what Karl loves to say. As the Recruitment Manager, Karl conducts assessments of applicants for all job positions, then arranges interviews for qualified applicants. In short, he manages our end-to-end recruitment process.

Lovely Navarro

Human Resources

Lovely handles the releasing and enforcing of company policies, as well as carrying out grievance proceedings when necessary. As part of HR, she takes care of the orientation of employees on the company’s rules and regulations. Lovely also assists with the processing of payroll and keeping HR records up to date.

Melissa Pal


Melissa helps the company develop the knowledge and skills of its workforce. She makes sure that the workforce can meet AIconex’s future business objectives and deliver quality products and services that meet the customers’ needs. Consequently, Melissa helps build employee satisfaction by helping them enhance their skills and reach their potential.

Angelina Cabag

Shift Manager

Angelina oversees all night shift employees and ensures that the operation runs smoothly throughout the schedule. She puts into action any changes on the floor and ensures that the teams deliver what our clients want. Angelina analyzes agent performance,motivates and assists them with issues to maximize performance. She also handles updates of seat assignments.

Adriel Felton

Account Executive

Adriel makes it a point to keep the vibes positive in the workplace each time he walks onto the operations floor. He manages, motivates, and grows the sales force to maximize profitability. Adriel regularly checks if the campaign management system works correctly, takes calls, receives transfers, and monitors the lead analysis.

Matt Kirby

Junior Account Executive

Matt is the main point of contact for prospective and existing clients. He analyses prospects for a good fit, explains about our service and arranges meetings with our CEO. He also discusses the needs and concerns of our clients then coordinates with the team to get them handled. Matt is a fun loving guy who enjoys his work as much as he enjoys life.

James Vergara

Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager at AIconex Solutions, James audits leads submitted by our ideal customer profile analysts to check if they meet all qualifying criteria. He coaches agents who send unqualified leads. You can often spot James contacting qualified leads on LinkedIn, scheduling appointments, and inputting interested clients into our HubSpot CRM. James is a quiet but very dedicated member of the team.

Fernan Laspiñas

Quality Analyst

Fernan is responsible for auditing agents’ sales calls against quality guidelines for their campaign. He makes and records the correct judgment as to whether the agents have complied with the instructions in full, coaching them each time they make any violations. You would also sometimes catch Fernan randomly monitoring agents’ calls to assess their call quality.

An An Pomario

Floor Supervisor

As a Floor Supervisor, An An demonstrates good leadership and supervisory skills. She maintains accurate workflow for her team’s transactions. She also maintains an excellent environment in the operations floor, develops marketing strategies, assists staff, and provides training for them. With An An at the helm, you are assured of high-quality service for customers.

Trixie Engreso

Data Aggregator

As the Data Aggregator at AIconex, Trixie is responsible for collating agents’ attendance and performance data from multiple sources. She provides value-added processing, then inputting them into our reporting system for analysis. Additionally, Trixie provides administrative support to all departments as needed.

Francis Doit

IT Facility Manager

Francis handles all technical issues that affect the smooth operation of the company’s IT infrastructure and systems and does an excellent job at it. He proactively monitors and identifies potential future problems and implements changes to ensure continued stable IT operations while keeping the network secure. Francis also handles installation and maintenance of hardware and software.

Jerome Panal

Dialer Manager

As the Dialer Manager, Jerome manages users and ensures they have the appropriate access. He does a commendable job of setting up new campaigns, identifying and allocating the best data for the agents to dial. Jerome also monitors the Dialer to ensure a smooth operation throughout the shift and resolve any issues that may arise.