How does Aiconex deliver all this value at affordable pricing?


We started as an American-owned and managed company headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada in 2016. We spent several years cultivating and learning the more delicate details to maintain and operate in southeast Asia. Our operations are run in Dumaguete Philippines.

The fiber optic backbone runs directly through Dumaguete city, located on Negros Island. Dumaguete is home to seven premier technical colleges. Dumaguete city gives us a competitive advantage with quality outsourcing and no compromise for specialized needs. We boast a 4,000 square foot state of the art contact center to deliver all the support your business needs.


We made our start by generating live transfers for businesses looking for loans to improve their business. Learning the essential metrics and monitoring to manage an effective workforce was challenging. Being able to provide essential training to advance the skill set of our agents was rewarding as we saw them grow in their skills.


2019 we started provided accredited investor leads to businesses looking for investment capital. We learned that not all companies were prepared for the undertaking of nurturing and converting leads to investment capital.

Mid-2020 we revamped our entire process to do full-service marketing for companies needing assistance in sourcing and nurturing investor leads for their companies and projects. Our aim is to work seamlessly with companies in their capital raises.


Let’s make history together and provide the best opportunities for investors with your bright ideas.