Profile your ideal investor for efficiency...

Understanding the attributes of your ideal investor is essential to garnering the best investor fit efficiently. AIconex knows the best practices in getting the right fit for your business. By understanding the investor’s risk tolerance and investment goals, we streamline the selection process to build an investor pipeline quickly with ready investors.

Fine-tuning your message to the right investor fit

The right fit investor profile emerges more clearly every day we work for you. As that profile emerges, we establish the right voice to gain greater interest from potential investors. That voice needs to resonate with the right investor while establishing better hooks to create greater interest.

Sifting the interested from those ready to act...

It’s not about selling. Think of it as sifting to find the right investor fit while weeding out those not ready to act. Some investors lack the knowledge to move forward with your offer. AIconex will stay on track with investors with the money and knowledge to move forward with your offer.

You and the Investor on the same page...

By understanding your offer, we can create a consistent market campaign to grow that interest. By building interest one piece at a time, we move you and the investor onto the same page. This process gets the investor suited to meet with founders or executives of your company.

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