Sales Process

Converting warm leads to closable opportunities

The sales process is not about convincing investors. It’s about understanding investors’ needs and communicating the details of your offer with professionalism. Here is where uniform messaging and good content comes together, with a program director building anticipation to meet your company’s executives.
We train program directors to speak the language of your offer in tone, enthusiasm, and professionalism. The money is there, the interest is there, and now it’s time for you to explain “the money in and the money out.”

Investor Conversion

Turning questions into investment capital
Nobody understands your offer quite like the founders and executives of your company. The program director’s goal is to arrange a meeting between a qualified and interested investor, motivated to get the founders’ facts and validation. First, the program director will brief the company executives on the journey so far. Meeting with the founder helps establish key talking points and specific areas of concern to get investors over the line. Next, a zoom meeting is set between the investor and the company executive.

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Lead Sourcing and Development

Investor Profiles with the right message

Advanced Services