Social Media Management

Support and attract customers with active engagement…

Two-way engagement is an essential, but time consuming, process when managing your social media. Today’s customers expect companies to interact on a daily basis, with tasks such as posting new experiences and reacting to the feedback. Aiconex can stimulate your customer service profile and put your social media to work. Our team can create advertising offers marketed directly through your networks, track the click rate, and monitor sharing. We even offer blogging services that will your enhance company image, keep your brand relevant, and certify your authenticity in the online community.

Email List Building

Establish loyalty and awareness on a personal level…

Email is a form of media that people connect with differently because they do not initiate the communication. Direct messaging is a powerful way for a company to establish loyalty among an existing base and promote genuine brand awareness for acquiring new customers. Aiconex offers targeted email campaigns, opt-in newsletters, and transactional email services for creating promotional tools. Our experts build valuable master lists that generate advertising revenue and deliver cost-effective customer support.

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