The Truth About Explainer Videos

While we are inundated with hundreds of thousands of words daily, our eyes and brains are hardwired to discern movements. Video is the best way to engage customers. 

That is why, despite the millions of blogs available on the internet, television remains a popular medium, and YouTube has become the second leading search engine and the third social media site in the world.

Notice how we skim through pages after pages of information on the web as we drown ourselves with emails, yet we stop scrolling and take in a video or two until their end. That is why businesses are now using explainer videos to communicate with their customers.

What are explainer videos?

Companies who have not jumped on the bandwagon are probably being left behind as far as their marketing efforts are concerned. People watch 1 billion hours of video on YouTube each day. According to CIsco, 82% of all internet traffic will soon be on online videos. 

Explainer videos are small bits of video – usually around one to two minutes – that come in many forms. They can be live-action, traditional animation, or 3D. Companies utilize comedy, drama, or action, depending on the theme. 

Due to its flexibility in design, explainer videos provide businesses with a variety of emotional tactics to send their message to their consumers.

Why explainer videos are effective

Explainer videos combine visual and auditory stimuli to explain even the most complicated concepts in a simple way that viewers can easily understand. They do not just provide text or audio, they use a mix of both plus motion. This makes them more effective because they grab attention and increase message retention.

Facts about explainer videos

  1. 7 out of 10 businesses that use video saw improved conversion rates.

More than any other type of content, videos have produced 70% more conversions for businesses. Also, companies that utilize video get 41% more traffic from search engines like Google and Bing than companies that do not. They also find that videos on a landing page increased conversions by 80%.

  1. Almost 80% of viewers shared entertaining videos

Marketers today get a big boost from the consumers themselves in spreading brand awareness. 

It is a known fact that people do not want salespeople to sell things to them directly. However, if you give them great content that they can consume, they would be more than happy to show them to their friends. 

Show people an entertaining, relevant, and insightful video, and they will share them with their network. It spreads word of mouth quickly, which is one of the most effective forms of marketing because it builds trust. 

Incidentally, 3% of consumers did react negatively and refuse to share videos. Their reason is that these videos were created by businesses.

  1. 87% of businesses who utilize videos make use of social media

In the old days, video distribution involved a large investment. That is no longer the case today as social media has become a platform for everyone to display their brands – big or small. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are just among the platforms that businesses use to distribute videos. Consequently, consumers get to share videos at no cost to the company.

  1. 36% of businesses who use explainer videos get lesser support queries

Explainer videos do as their name suggests: they explain. That is why businesses have seen a decreased number of queries, thus reducing costs. Customers would prefer to look for the information themselves before resorting to customer support. Videos are the most effective ways to give them the information they are looking for. By providing them the information they need through videos, their satisfaction increases.

  1. 73% of marketers in the B2B space believe videos affect their marketing campaigns

Explainer videos have become a part of the marketing strategies of B2B marketers. They believe it has helped them tremendously in increasing their sales.

Businesses can choose to use their videos in perpetuity once they upload them. It will generate activity as long as it is engaging until you decide to take it down.

How to create engaging explainer videos

Neil Patel, one of the top digital marketers right now, says an engaging video answers the 3 Ws of your business: who, what, and why.

It should tell the audience who you are, what you do, and why they should use your products or services. You should present this information within one or two minutes.

It should also be able to evoke an emotion. Most explainer videos should touch emotions. By focusing on these emotions, these videos could lead customers to act in a way that the company wants them to. In other words, it can influence a consumer to purchase your product or use your services.

So how can you do that? Start with a good script. Humans love stories. Stories introduce a character, followed by a problem. Your character should be able to solve that problem.

Try to combine live-action with animation. While animation by itself is entertaining, adding live-action will put a personal touch to your video. 

Lastly, explainer videos should let people know you exist. They should make your business unforgettable. Explainer videos should be able to communicate information within one or two minutes much better than a thousand words can.


Whether you wish to convert prospects into customers, get a lot of phone calls, or if you just need to explain a sophisticated concept, product, or service easily and quickly, explainer videos can help you get results. Instead of making them struggle to read words, make it easier for your customers to understand your business by presenting your ideas in a clear, crisp video. They will appreciate you for it.

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