Social Media Networks

Dial in your customers with targeted social media…

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter provide specific audiences content that is different than YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Knowing when your customers are checking social networks is essential to fine-tuning your social media message. We can help you create a complete social media profile, providing images, descriptions, and contact information that gives your customers a map to find your business. Effective social media objectives are specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time-limited. Our experts track and adjust your social media activity using analytics and other measurement tools for total success.

Customer Conversion

Stimulate your sales through the purchase funnel…

A high conversion rate should be the tangible reward for maintaining good digital assets. This is a measurable number that speaks to the heart of your marketing investment and validates your sales philosophy. Aiconex optimizes your conversion rate by utilizing traditional metrics within the sales process and applying a modern holistic approach. Pipeline Marketing is a business to business strategy that drives sales and data cohesively toward maximizing revenue. Our team can use this expertise in providing your business with a cutting edge resource that will help you outpace the competition.    

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