Accounting and Data Analysis

Make smarter decisions in real-time…

Aiconex can transform your Accounting and Sales data into a functional model that nurtures the decision-making process for your business. Using a wide range of advanced tools such as data mining, exploratory analysis, and data visualization, we provide reports that allow you to determine correct market segments and formulate realistic benchmarks for monitoring daily operations. Competing in the modern business world is dependent upon a company’s ability to harness the abundance of information available. We have the expertise to expedite this process for your accounting and data systems. 

Inventory and Sales Tracking

Manage your local sales by the numbers…

If your business requires a solution for your bottlenecked projects, or a boost in production cycles, we can offer critical short term support with our inventory and sales tracking systems. Our software makes it easy to balance your supply chain by managing assets in complex business models and applying relevant data within the sales process. This keeps your bottom line moving with calculated, predictable, revenue sources, while significantly minimizing the cost of inefficiency and waste. 

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